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The Nurses Station and The Hero Nurse | Show 404

The nurses on duty, a.k.a Casey and Dan, have too much fun with the news…none of which is particularly useful…but good for a laugh  nonetheless.

A great chat with our favorite health care activist…CNA/NNU’s Donna Smith. As most of you know, Donna is a legislative organizer in Washington D.C., and if you ever need to know anything about what’s going on in the nation’s capitol, she is the go-to person. Donna weighs in on collective bargaining, the importance of the Wisconsin demonstrations, single payer health care and other topics near and dear to us.

And she shares about the new Grit TV series, The Nurses Station, that will be opening with a SiCKO reunion of sorts. The series visits the families that were featured in Michael Moore’s film SiCKO about the failure of the U.S. health care system and the toll it takes on American families. Donna and her husband Larry were featured in the film.Here’s a clip of Donna’s appearance on Grit TV called “What Value Does Private Insurance Add?”

And we meet a real hero. Kaiser intensive care nurse Janet DeMers. Although Janet is humble and would never refer to herself as a hero…the family of a Novato, CA man thinks otherwise. It turns out Janet was on her way to work one day last month when she happened to drive by a man on the ground tangled up in his bicycle. At first she thought he had just fallen off, but something didn’t seem right so she went back. Her instincts served her well…the man was in cardiac arrest. Tune in and find out what happened next…

And coming up in the weeks ahead…Have Nurse Will Travel…let’s check out traveling nurses. Pack your stethoscope and your blood pressure cuff and be sure you can get though airport security and you’re off! A look at nurses who travel from site to site.A show about Mommies and Blogs? That’s right and who better to unveil this new kid on the block, The Mommies, A Musical Blog, than the writer/producer of the mega-hit Menopause, The Musical, Jeanie Linders? Just happens she can’t stop writing and creating shows that have perfect demographic pitch and big doses of laughter that bring her audiences to a common place…humanity!

Lynn Ruth Miller
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