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Its OK to Go

My mom sleeps…about 22 hours a day now…she is up for maybe 20 minutes at a time….I miss her and shes still here with me…..I miss her real loud laugh, her giggles, her smile…..I miss hearing her talk, her voice calling my name….her voice now […]

Tears and Being Present

The call came in from EMS as “72-year-old man with end stage lung cancer in respiratory distress. Vitals stable. Family requesting transport to the ER for evaluation. He is on Hospice – the nurse tells us the family is no longer able to cope with […]


I’m Not Scared Anymore

Last night I told Missy why I am so happy. I told her why everything is OK and why I am not scared of Alzheimer’s anymore. One of my good friends died a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t let me go see her. The nursing […]

Gone But Not Forgotten

The room was dark and quiet as I finished up my nursing note.  My patient was tucked into her own bed and finally asleep as her daughter slowly ran her fingers through her mother’s white curls.  I nodded goodbye and stepped out.  Once in the […]