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Sue Sylvester. Occupy. Occupy. USF Masters the Master’s. Donna Donna. Laughter and Menopause.

NNU Midwest Director and RN Jan Rodolfo appeared on Keith Olbermann’s show on Monday, October 24 to talk about the Occupy Chicago arrests on Sunday. If you missed it, here’s the clip.

Coming up on the show this week

Casey and Dan check in with our friend and NNU Legislative Organizer Donna Smith. They talk with Donna about the Occupy movement, the nurses’ participation, the upcoming Day Of Action on November 3rd, the G-20 Summit and the nurses demands for a Wall Street Transaction Tax and continuing movement on the state by state single payer healthcare efforts.

National Nurses United first aid station Occupy LA
National Nurses United nurse volunteer provides first aid to a protester at #Occupy LA, one of several cities where NNU has set-up stations around the country.

RN Maria Fehlig, a Las Vegas nurse calls in and gives us an on-location report from NYC Occupy. By the way…she says she sees no “hippies” there and in fact a lot of people don’t even know what a “hippie” is. Very interesting times we are living in. Spoken like a true “old person!”

We talk with Judy Farrell the Assistant Director of Enrollment for University of San Francisco‘s Master’s in Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader program. With Judy is RN Kristina Smith who is a manager of the ICU Unit at Santa Rosa, Calif. Kaiser Hospital and a student in the USF Master’s program.

Hey, this is great information for anyone who has been thinking about going back to get their advanced degree. Nobody does it better than USF…and we found out they have regional campuses in Santa Rosa, San Ramon, Sacramento and San Jose. Check the program out at

Nurse Talk pulled some strings and is offering a 10% discount for nurses to see…Menopause The Musical, In Concert on the California leg of the tour.

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Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

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