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RN Donna Kelly Williams on Mandatory Overtime and Author Eileen Kaplan on Laughter vs. Breast Cancer | June 23, 2012 | Show 451

“Well don’t you know that’s the sound of the men..workin’ on the chain…gaaang, that’s the sound of the men workin’ on the chain…gang…”

Well, that’s really the sound of the nurses in Massachusetts working harder and faster—but not if the state legislature has anything to do with it.

Casey and Shayne visit with Massachusetts Nurses Association President RN Donna Kelly Williams about the Massachusetts State Legislature House & Senate versions of a health reform bill that would ban mandatory overtime. Donna and her street gang of nurses have literally been on the state house steps to support their efforts. Some may be asking…”Why should I care about this?” You don’t want a tired nurse—now do you?

Also on the show this week is author/humorist and cancer survivor, Eileen Kaplan who wrote a book called Laughter is the Breast Medicine. Eileen is now a speaker and cancer awareness advocate. She shares her journey about surviving breast cancer, and dealing with its aftermath. Eileen is just one of those NATURALLY funny people…who really knows how to make laughter out of lemons! Check our her website.

And an email question—about a beloved sister—initiates a conversation about “family depression.”

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