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Popcorn Ceilings. Who’s Your Doctor’s Daddy? Great Medical Tips. Thelma Hobbs.

COMING Up…our friend and Capitol Hill correspondent Donna Smith (legislative organizer for National Nurses United) talks about “Who’s Your Doctor’s Daddy?” Healthcare giants buying up hospitals is not new…but they’re also buying up the doctors. Now this in and of itself doesn’t seem to surprising…but Donna tells us the reasons all of this is disturbing, confusing and something everyone should know about. Do you know who owns the medical facility you have or will be treated in? Do you understand the paperwork you sign when you are admitted to a hospital or clinic? Check it out.

RN, MBA Patricia Raya and Corine Mogenis
RN, MBA Patricia Raya and Corine Mogenis

AND we have powerhouse medical paralegal and co-author Corine Mogenis with us to talk about a new book she and partner RN, MBA Patricia Raya have written called Medical Tips from the Inside: Things You Need to Know. This book is a must have and includes topics such as, how and why you should get medical tests from your doctors, the patients bill of rights, having an advocate with you, what to do if you are diagnosed with a serious illness and much more. Corine steps up with vital information during her conversation with Casey and Dan.

Plus all the other craziness…news, Square Needle Award, Phobia of the Week, and email questions. What’s the difference between a head cold and a chest cold? It may seem obvious but…Listen in.

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