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Patsy Cline. Sputnik. Beatnik. Boston. Compassion.

Patsy Cline, Walking After Midnight

Ah…nothing sets the tone like a little music before all the talk. In radio they call that a “cold open”! Who knew? Here’s Casey and Dan…

“Of course that was the unmistakable voice of Patsy Cline the great country legend. That song came out in 1957 and like a good Cabernet—it just gets better with age. 1957…Dan…you weren’t even born then. I thought it might be fun to take a quick look at what was happening in 1957—here is what our crack research department found: The Space Age began by the launch of Sputnik I, interferon was discovered AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAPPENED…”beatnik” entered the vernacular as a description of the emerging “Beat Generation” counterculture movements.”

And so starts another episode of Nurse Talk.

Nurses keep up the fight for RN to patient ratios…we should all be very glad they do! We thought we’d check in with our friends in Massachusetts who are working on legislation—so Casey and Dan visit with RN and president of Massachusetts Nurses Association, Donna Kelly Williams. Donna brings us up to speed on current issues—with a central focus on staffing ratios.

Heroes for Children
2nd Annual Marin Advocates for Children Heroes for Children Gala March 3, 2012. Cocktails, auctions and dinner benefit a great cause.

Expert says compassion is key. Have you ever witnessed a parent or guardian verbally or physically abuse a child in a public setting? Did you walk away because you didn’t know what to do…or did you intervene? Find out what our expert has to say about what you should do. Cyndy Doherty, executive director of Marin Advocates for Children joins Casey and Dan to talk about what her organization is doing to help and prevent this epidemic. You won’t want to miss her advice and insights.

AND—We’ll have some fun as we continue our look back at callers from the early days of Nurse Talk. Lucille Jones and her cross-country trip with her ill mother. Oh, she was priceless! You can find this and more at Nurse Talk’s Comedy Pharm.

Lynn Ruth Miller's New Segment, "In My Day"

AND take a sneak peek of our resident funny lady Lynn Ruth Miller‘s new segment,In My Day. It’s amazing she lived to tell about it!

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And, remember, laughter is the best medicine!

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