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Health Care Debate, Sicko and Maggie’s Gig | Show 211

COMING UP…As the Healthcare debate rages on, Casey has a hard time keeping up and compares it to a horse race…Coming down the inside lane is Barack Obama riding “Can’t We All Just Get Along” and gaining speed is Max Baucas on “No Public Option” and here comes Olympia Snow on “Republican Token”…you get the drift.

REMEMBER MICHAEL MOORE’S MOVIE SICKO? Well, Donna Smith, whose family was featured in the movie will be with us and she is a Power House! Donna took adversity and turned it into a passion to make insurance available to EVERYONE! She has a great story…you won’t want to miss her.Later in the show….WHIZ KID Cameron Harris will talk about his video podcast show “In Range.” Cameron created the show to share tips on how to manage Diabetes. He has Type One which was diagnosed when he was 8 years old. We’ve asked Cameron to be a regular on the show.

Maggie has a “gig” at the White House as a “Senior”… advising Obama on Healthcare Reform. She says she will push for “red wine” being covered as a prescription for good health.AND REMEMBER…”laughter is the best medicine.”Don’t FORGET YOU CAN LISTEN TO NURSE TALK ON GREEN 960AM OR LIVE STREAM AT WWW.GREEN960.COM EVERY SUNDAY AT 2PM. Oh…and WWW.ENERGYTALKRADIO.COM, EVERY DAY AT 4PM.And, as always we thank our sponsors at the California Nurses Organization/National Nurses Organizing Committee @

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