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H1N1 Policy and Nursing Jocularity | Show 208

Listen…Laugh…Learn…COMING UP THIS WEEK AND BEYOND.The callers just keep getting better! This week a caller describes the agony of her “gas problem” in DETAIL. What do we expect with the tag line, “cause laughter is the best medicine”?Later in the show, Casey talks with De Ann McEwen about a recent H1N1 Swine Flu policy issued by California Nurses Association and National Nurses Organizing Committee. De Ann is an RN and serves on the Board of Directors of CNA/NNOC. The policy deals with the medical practice guidelines. A very interesting discussion.On a lighter note we welcome Hob Osterlund, RN. Wait until you hear what she is up to!

Hob Osterlund, RN
Hob Osterlund, RN

Hob is a Clinical Nurse Specialist living in Hawaii. She founded that state’s first inpatient pain management program. Hob is working in the area of humor and health-care and performs a comedy alter-ego “Ivy Push, RN”. She also serves as President and Producer of the Health, Humor and Hospitals Project. How about the Chuckle Channel! TUNE IN AND FIND OUT MORE.ATTENTION ALL OF YOU MOTHERS, DADS, GRANDPARENTS, and NANNY’S……..THE BABY WHISPERER, MARSHA PODD, IS BACK. Call in or email your questions so Marsha can answer them on the air during our October 24th show. CALL OR EMAIL NOW 1.800.977.1863 OR In the mean time remember, “laughter is the best medicine”!LISTEN to streaming audio of Nurse Talk every day at 4PM ENERGYTALKRADIO.COM


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