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Sassy Seniors, Conversations from the CNA Conference and Heart Health | Show 207

Look out ol’ Maggie is Back. Fresh off her photo shoot for “Sassy Seniors” Magazine. Is this the start of something new for Maggie? She shares a list of models that have come before her…Former First Lady Barbara Bush, Conservative Madame Phyllis Shafley, the Late Governor Ann Richards. My…she is in good company.

Casey shares more clips from conversations from the California Nurses Association Conference. The conference brought in over 1,200 RN’s from all over the world.

Also on the show is Nicole Britvan speaking on behalf of the American Heart Association. Nicole talks about the new and important guidelines for sugar intake. Did you know if you drink one soda a day you are taking in two days worth of sugar? Learn more on the show and www.americanheart.orgDon’t forget we can be heard…just about everywhere now,,, iTunes and of course every Sunday at 2PM/PST on Green 960AM, live streaming at in anytime at 1.800.977.1863 and leave your questions or comments for the nurses. AND DON’T FORGET……”laughter is the best medicine!”

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