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Greetings dear Nurse Talk friends and family

Well it happened! O.K. sort of. We had the big reveal last Saturday and took our show to a new level (some may dispute that). Our friends at Talk Stream Network hosted Nurse Talk for a live stream broadcast of our show. It was streaming 101 on our part but we did it and had great fun. Technology is amazing and this new platform allows for social networking and live chat interaction with our listeners, increases diverse sponsorship and advertising opportunities at very reasonable rates—and facilitates up to the minute delivery of our own brand of healthcare news and entertainment.

And visit our new website at –and while you’re there– if you are feeling benevolent  –check out the opportunity to sponsor our show. It’s very simple and it really helps us continue our broadcasts. We’re just like the politicians—always looking for that next donor. All kidding aside we would love it if you just take a minute and check it out at Sponsor an hour of Nurse Talk for $200, or a segment for $75. Wish someone a Happy Birthday, or promote your favorite charity or your business.

GGGCOMING UP on Nurse Talk this Saturday is our 4th annual “Fall Flu Fashion “ show—on the catwalk! Although most of us don’t run with the crowd that attends the Annual Fall Fashion Week in New York City, it does seem somewhat exciting and it certainly highlights all of the beautiful fall fashions and—SADLY—the fact that eating disorders are alive and well in the fashion industry. Well, just because we are boring old nurses doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and run with the “it” people.

So check it out at (audio or livestream)

Nurses and community leaders are calling on Kaiser Permanente to stop closing critical service locations. Shayne and Casey visit with RN Kathy Donohue about the recent closure of several of Kaisers Healthcare facilities in Northern California. What happens to the patients that are left behind? Find out on Nurse Talk coming up.

050112 Donna SmithDonna Smith updates us on the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT and tries to cut through the plethora of misinformation out there. We know, we know, the website is horrible and Obama is a socialist but we’re keeping our agreement to deliver solid information about how you or someone you know may benefit from the ACA. Listen now at

Mold Spores & Viagra are in the email bag this week (figuratively speaking), Healthcare Trivia, Lynn Ruth Miller and “In My Day”, and more.

Check out our website for all of our listening information! Remember, laughter is the best medicine!

Pattie Lockard
Executive Producer

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