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Joining us this week is the incomparable Lani Hall Alpert, singer/songwriter and now author of a new book called ‘Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories’. Some of you may remember Lani stormed onto the music scene as the lead singer for the great Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66. She later married the love of her life legendary Trumpet player Herb Alpert.


And actor Michael Milligan uses his talents to bring much needed attention to the plight of millions who have experienced financial devastation due to a medical crisis. He has written and performs in a new play called, ‘Mercy Killers’. The play is currently touring California and is scheduled for a national tour next year. (visit  or for more details)



Now you can sponsor Nurse Talk for as little as $75

Does anybody out there love the little “personal watermelons” you can purchase at your favorite grocery store? I do. The idea of a “personal” anything makes me feel like I’ve been noticed or catered to (that’s what it’s come to). Well now you can have your own personal sponsorship of Nurse Talk for as little as $75 and it REALLY helps us keep the fluorescent lights on in the waiting room. You can sponsor an entire show for $200, half an hour for $100, and a segment for $75. Advertise your business, wish someone a happy birthday, and promote your favorite charity or event. All you do is click on and choose your level of support, (there is no limit to how many dates you can pick) fill out your message card and purchase.


It’s official. We are live streaming now. 

What does this mean? Maybe not as much to you as it does to us but now you can visit our website and join Casey and Shayne as they navigate the deep and restless waters of the live audio/video feed. Ask questions, like — why is Casey wearing an oxygen mask and why is Shayne doing the show in his underwear? Express your opinions. And if you need help with that we’ve got just the nurse who can coach you! Join the fun and bring yourself to the waiting room!

Streaming live Saturday’s@11:30am/pst: 11/16,11/23,12/07,12/14

A special thank you to the nurses.

It’s hard to believe but we’re coming up on our fifth year of Nurse Talk. Oh what a RIDE it has been! And through it all one thing we know for sure is; without the generous support of our sponsors and friends at California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, Massachusetts Nurses Association, our show could not have happened. I remember when I first started pitching Nurse Talk to radio stations, a common response was, “oh we think the idea is great and we love nurses but we’ve never had a nurse show and people tend to like doctor shows”. And just a few months ago, I got the same answer from a major broadcast company. WELL, that makes us even more determined to continue and expand this little engine that could. Nurses do the heavy lifting it’s only right that their voices be heard.

Until next time—remember ‘laughter is the best medicine’!

Executive Producer,
Pattie Lockard


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