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Getting HIP on Low Bone Density and Healthcare For ALL!

For those of you old enough to remember cassettes or even 8-tracks (yikes!) this week’s show is a “rewind,” but it isn’t as old as an 8-track. That makes no sense and sometimes neither do we…but this show is a Best of Nurse Talk and you don’t want to miss it. Check out all the Nurse Talk broadcasts at

Get iTriage on your smart phone or tablet. Check out the symptom checker on at
Get iTriage on your smart phone or tablet. Check out the symptom checker on at

Coming up next weekif you haven’t found this great app called iTriage, look no further than the Nurse Talk website—in fact here’s the direct link

iTriage is an amazing resource for everyone. For example: have a symptom? Go to the iTriage symptom checker. Need information about a disease? You’ll find complete clinical descriptions from A-Z. Is your medical issue an emergency or do you need to find a clinic or hospital near you? Yip, you guessed it; a complete directory of everything in your area including WAIT times. It’s incredible and we use it all the time. You should too, its free and it works. Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wayne Guerra joins us for a conversation on this revolutionary tool.

Donna Smith
Donna Smith with National Nurses United’s Medicare for All bus tour.

Our good friend Donna Smith returns to Nurse Talk to talk about her new project, Healthcare for All Colorado. Donna as most of our listeners know, worked for five years as National Nurses United Legislative Advocate based in D.C. She just returned to her home state of Colorado and now serves as the Executive Director of Healthcare for All Colorado.

Having (successfully) gone through two bouts of cancer, Donna has great advice on how to make your insurance company accountable–at least to some degree. In her new role she will do what she has done for many years, advocate and educate people about what can be done to access healthcare and to eventually change the current system to a nationwide universal healthcare system.

For more information about Healthcare for All Colorado and National Nurses United visit: and

And—it’s time to get HIP about the issue of “low bone density.” That’s right it’s time to talk about your “bones.” And no one is more qualified than Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck. He is an author, lecturer and osteoporosis educator.

Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck
Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck

Dr. Howayeck is an author of books on self-care, including Bone Health Made Easy… Here’s a jaw dropper–”If you break a hip and you are over 50, 1/4 will die in the first 12 months primarily from that injury!” Not good! Only three in ten osteoporosis sufferers actually know they have this “silent killer” affliction. For great information from Dr. Howayeck check out

And from our Scrubs Magazine Top Ten , Interesting Hospital Fashion Moments: top of scrub pants rolled down complete with pink thong and muffin top hanging out…give me a break! Unroll the tops…it’s a hospital, not a nightclub!

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