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Arizona, Baby Whisperer and Trande Phillips | Show 235

Trande Phillips, RN
Trande Phillips, RN

COMING UP on the show this week…Casey talks about her recent skirmish at an Arizona checkpoint, Dan’s “thing” is now green and Marsha Podd, aka The Baby Whisperer—ROCKS! Also—listen to what RN Trande Phillips has to say about a new study that proves RN+Patient/Ratios save lives.

JUST BECAUSE summer is upon us doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to listen to Nurse Talk. Coming up is a very candid conversation about Prostate Cancer with Dr. Arthur L. Burnett II and Norman S. Morris who have written a new book that offers new options, treatments and advice. This is a do not miss.

Nurse Talk is off to Washington D.C. for Nurses Week where we will be interviewing politicians that we can catch if they don’t reach a run—and presenting a conversation about workplace violence. Patient-on-nurse violence is escalating but several RN organizations such as the Massachusetts Nurses Association, Minnesota Nurses Association and California Nurses Association are doing some great things to deal with and prevent it.

You can listen to Nurse Talk every Sunday at 2PM PST on Green 960AM or live stream at You can also download and listen anytime on iTunes, or stream at, and

Until next time remember “laughter is the best medicine!”


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