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Solidarity in Madison and Veterans Benefit Scandal | Show 402

Direct from Madison, Wisconsin…our nurse friends Jean Ross and Jill Fullier chat with our correspondent Peter B. Collins about why they are standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters there.Over 100,000 people were present and accounted for at last Saturday’s rally.

Mr. Kors follows the remarkable story of Sgt. Chuck Luther, who served in Iraq and won 22 honors before being wounded by mortar fire. The explosion left Luther with severe vision and hearing loss. Army doctors told Luther his blindness and deafness were caused by a personality disorder

Later In the show, Casey and Dan have a fascinating conversation with investigative reporter Joshua Kors. Joshua talks about his three part series, The Veterans Benefit Scandal. Kors’ report exposes the Army’s systematic cover up of over 25,000 false diagnoses of pre-existing personality disorders.According to a report on, “service members receiving administrative discharges for those disorders have no opportunity to get disability compensation or medical benefits…many service members separated for pre-existing personality disorder had served in combat and displayed symptoms of post-traumatic stress.”Shameful. You won’t want to miss this. To say this is a scandal of epic proportions is an understatement.And in the coming weeks…The Baby Whisperer, RN Marsha Podd takes your questions, and an exclusive interview with Congresswoman Jackie Spiers. Also…what everyone should know about Oakland’s Children’s Hospital.You can listen in the Boston area on station WWZN 1510AM every Saturday at 11 am EST or live stream at and in the San Francisco Bay area Sundays at 2PM PST on Green 960AM or live stream at You can also download and listen anytime at and or on iTunes. Like us on Facebook, and you can listen there too. Remember “laughter is the best medicine!”


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