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Rewind Mary Michelucci and Terri Tate | Show 247BO

This show was originally broadcast August 29, 2010 but it was so good, we’re going to play it again. Dan’s back from Disneyland and updates us on the new and improved “It’s a Small World” ride. Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland knows just how annoying this ride was. Get ready—Danny boy says it’s even worse now—but hey, don’t tell your kids.Casey and Dan visit with an RN from San Francisco’s St. Luke’s Hospital. The hospital has been under fire for discriminatory hiring practices. This is yet another issue that has plagued the hospital since Sutter Health took it over.

Later in the show we visit with RN consultant and inspirational speaker Terri Tate. Terri introduces a very sensitive topic known as “lateral violence,” or nurse-on-nurse violence. Its a very sensitive topic and this is an interesting and important conversation you won’t want to miss. Join us!

Terri Tate Video
Terri Tate in an interview for BlogHer on Humor and Healing

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