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Mark Lauren-Be your own gym! | Show 245

COMING UP ON NURSE TALK……..CHECK PLEASE….Meg Whitman + $100 million = YIKES…please don’t let the trend of buying your way into office get even bigger and more common. Casey and Dan try to help California governator hopeful, Meg spend her money in what they think are more meaningful ways…well, I know that is totally subjective!

Check out You Are Your Own Gym in our NT Must Read Store
Check out You Are Your Own Gym in our NT Must Read Bookstore

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? YOU ARE  YOUR OWN GYM! That’s right you can be your own gym according to super trainer Mark Lauren who has just written the “bible” on sensible low impact workouts that you can do at home, with no equipment and relative calm. If you are anything like we are …this sounds like a good alternative to “macho man” at the gym. Mark has some great tips and workouts and you can pick up his book by going to the Nurse Talk Must Read Bookstore.MNA, Our presenting sponsors in Boston

AND DON’T forget….Boston here we come! Nurse Talk will make its debut in Boston ( one of our favorite cities) after Labor Day on 50K watt station WWZN 1510 AM. A big thank you to our friends at the Massachusetts Nurses Association and of course California Nurses Association and NNU for making it possible to bring you Nurse Talk in expanded markets. And coming up next week a very compelling discussion on workplace violence in hospitals and other health care facilities. We are joined by RN’s Karen Coughlin and Linda Conlin for a very compelling look at what is happening in our hospitals.Remember you can listen…to Nurse Talk every Sunday at 2PM PST on Green 960AM or live stream at You can also download and listen anytime on iTunes, or stream at and

Until next time remember “laughter is the best medicine!”


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