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Lynn Ruth Miller and the Queen | Show 238

What do Fergie, Meg Whitman, a two year old boy that smokes, “Queen Meg,” RN-Patient ratios, Mentos and soda, and comedian Lynn Ruth Miller…ALL HAVE IN COMMON? Absolutely nothing…but what fun it is to talk about them. Join Nurse Talk hosts Casey Hobbs and Dan Grady for another episode of Nurse Talk.

Queen Meg
Queen Meg

Find out about what happens in the absence of scheduled guest “Queen Meg.” Who is Queen Meg? She just happens to be trying to buy her way into the California Governor’s office. BUT due to a scheduling conflict QM had to cancel but her sister steps in. Insanity ensues!

Lynn Ruth Miller
Lynn Ruth Miller

Also our friend Comedian Lynn Ruth Miller stops by the studio to laugh with Casey and Dan. Lynn Ruth is just back from her “world comedy tour” called Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s, Cha…Cha…Cha. She just happens to be one of the funniest seventy-seven year olds you’ll ever meet.AND Dan gives the last clue about what his “thing” is. Remember if you are the first to call or email with the answer you win $100 cash or $100 worth of Movie Tickets!! Look for clues on the website too and then call 1.800.977.1863 or email us at

Dr. Connie Mariano coming in June to Nurse Talk

HEY don’t leave us this summer! We got …hot things happening. In June we have Dr. Connie Mariano, author of  The White House Doctor. Dr. Mariano was a White House doctor during the Clinton Administration. She says she can talk at length about all kinds of things including the White House nurses! This will be very interesting.

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Until next time remember “laughter is the best medicine!”Pattie


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