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Patient Ratios Save Lives | Show 234

This week RNs talk about a new study just out that proves “patient ratios save lives.” We’ll also talk with Karen Coughlin about workplace violence and what is being done to stop it.

We’ll be airing an encore presentation of Casey’s interview with Kay McVay. Kay is a retired RN who shares her story about a not so blissful retirement. KAY RETIRED IN 1995 JUST 7 SHORT YEARS BEFORE HER HOSPITAL ESTABLISHED RETIREMENT BENEFITS FOR NURSES. Kay was the type of nurse who once insisted on riding along in the ambulance with a patient with a heart condition to make sure he got the care he needed. “I’M GOING TO MAKE SURE THIS PATIENT GETS TO THE HOSPITAL AND THEY TREAT HIM–NOT TURN HIM AWAY.” She served as a past president for California Nurses Association and continues to work with the organization as President Emeritus.AND of course don’t forget the Baby Whisperer Marsha Podd will be with us in May.

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