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RN Heroes Project | Show 231

Nurse Talk is pleased to be part of the kick off of the…rnrn_nnu_tight_370CNA/NNU’s Donna Smith joins the hosts of Nurse Talk, Casey Hobbs and Dan Grady–to introduce the RN Heroes Project. Donna gives a warm introduction to the project and is followed by a conversation with Massachusetts RN Kathy Reardon. Kathy speaks with humility about her time and service in Haiti and shares some very moving comments about her experience. When asked if she thought of herself as a hero…”Not at all, I just did my job,” replies Kathy.

Patient with Kathy Reardon, RN
Patient with Kathy Reardon, RN

In the coming months, Nurse Talk will speak with “RN Heroes” and share their inspiring stories. Thanks to the RN Response Network, CNA and National Nurses United for acknowledging the heroes that walk among us at www.nationalnursesunited/heroes:“Nurses do not seek out the situations in which heroes are identified and sometimes glorified; nurses offer themselves into the service of patient care whether that care is needed in the rubble of Haiti, the devastation of Sri Lanka after the tsunami or the flood-damaged Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans after Katrina.”Later in the show, a guest you’ve all been waiting for, Dr. Gail Altschuler, an expert at helping people lose weight, will answer your questions about weight loss and health. Her 30 years of experience as a physician as well as losing 50 lbs herself, have helped her find some keys to weight loss success. Did you know that stress causes a metabolic reaction that causes weight gain…besides just making you eat more? Take a break, tune-in to Nurse Talk and learn more.


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