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Greetings to all of you and here’s hoping you spent the summer doing things you loved with family and friends or just by your little old self! Hard to believe (at least for us anyway) that we are starting our 4th year of Nurse Talk. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate you still reading our emails, listening to our shows and engaging in our conversations about healthcare—right, wrong or different.

AND we must give a great deal of thanks to California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, Massachusetts Nurses Association and all of our other supporters. Without these wonderful organizations we would not have had the opportunity to bring a consistent radio voice to nurses and all who need and love them. It really is an honor to run in the same circles (figuratively speaking) as nurses. Not only an honor but I feel so safe—’cause I know one of them will pick me up if I fall!

You know how life sometimes brings you more than you think you can take? In the end though—what matters most is how well do we live, how well do we love, and how well do we learn to let go. This week the canine love of my life, Sherman, left this Earth and went to doggie heaven. He was five years old and full of love and life. He grew up listening to Nurse Talk and I swear to you he knew how to laugh. He knew he was cute too. While I am so present to his love, I thought I would share him with you.

Chatting with peers and experts on issues of the day just got easier. We’ll connect you!

Hey, don’t forget coming up is our series of interactive live chats…stay tuned for all of the details. If there is someone you want to hear from and chat with let us know by emailing

Just one more rerun favorite until we have an all new season line up. This week Donna Smith on All Things D.C. and RN Marsha Podd, The Baby Whisperer originally broadcast June 2, 2012. On this show: a salute to teachers, great advice for parents of babies, defining lollygag and other popular sayings.

Donna Smith
Donna Smith

Donna Smith, our National Nurses United D.C. correspondent brings us up to speed on all things Washington. Donna also shares a bit of personal news about her own health. Donna Smith is best known as one of the documentary subjects of Michael Moore’s 2007 movie, “SiCKO.” Her journalism career includes 15 regional awards from the AP Managing Editors. Donna now works as a national single-payer healthcare advocate and community organizer for National Nurses United, and co-chairs the Progressive Democrats of America’s national “Healthcare Not Warfare” campaign. She also blogs at You can hear a 3:20 short of Donna talking about the Robin Hood Tax here: [powerpress url=”″]

Marsha Podd, RN

And, it’s always a treat to have our friend RN Marsha Podd with us in the studio. A.K.A. the “baby whisperer”. When Marsha comes to the studio we all go to sleep. We mean that in a good way, as Marsha has one of the most soothing voices you’ll ever hear. Marsha, is the author of Secrets of a Baby Nurse. The book is getting rave reviews and if you know of anyone that is expecting a child, has babies or toddlers already, has looked at a child or even thought of a child–you need this book! To read more about Marsha and her advice for babies and parents visit her website at

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