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Chemo Update and Going Alkaline

I’m learning how to be a person in normal life again, and everything takes so much longer! Seriously. Getting dressed takes minutes now instead of seconds. But all is well as this report soon shows…

I’m back in the hospital, but just for 24 hours. I’m receiving a new type of chemo this week which may or may not make me nauseated. So far I’ve been lucky. Let’s pray my luck holds, shall we? This chemo will be given as an outpatient, for 8 days, over two weeks (I get a 3 day break in between). And of course this will be in tandem with the sexy oral chemo 6MP. I’m not very happy to be back at the hospital, but I love the nursing and doctor staff here so much, it makes it tolerable. Plus there is indoor walking space here.

In other news, I can’t believe how much better I feel since going alkaline. I’m a total convert. I wonder, if there is something I can do to bring FOOD to the hospital for the other patients. And of course the big question is, can they learn to love kale for breakfast? I sure do!

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