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Author: Patricia Raya and Corine Mogenis

Personal Training & Exercise

Jimmy Fucello, a personal trainer and running back, shares with us some of the benefits of exercise: it protects bone health, muscle mass, and helps prevent diseases and reduces stress.   Jimmy takes us through some simple exercises (both compound and isolation exercises), and explains the benefits of […]

Network Chiropractor: Interview With Dr. David Potter

Dr. David Potter of Network Chiropractic in Somerset, NJ uses Network Spinal Analysis in conjunction with traditional chiropractic care to treat your body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Potter is a life force doctor….using the practice of Chi.  When the relationship inside the body breaks down, the relationships […]

When Supplements Become Dangerous!

When supplements go bad…oh my!!  How many people take some kind of vitamin or supplements?  You want to feel better and stay healthy right?  For example, St. John’s Wort is supposed to help decrease anxiety, and improve your mood…But it interacts with many prescribed medications.  About ½ of […]

Being Observed….vs Being Admitted

When you go to the hospital, and you are a Medicare patient, it is imperative that you know if you are an in-patient versus an observed patient. Currently, Medicare isn’t paying if you are being observed! Currently (and the rules change all the time…) Medicare […]

Beauty Products Cheat Sheet

We talk about beauty products…which products you don’t have to spend a lot of money on, and which products you should go the extra mile and spend a little bit more money on to get a better product, for a better look.  Save or splurge, that’s […]

Horrors in the Healthcare Setting

Today we’re going to talk about things that make you go EWWWW and Oh NO!!!!  Dirty instruments, post-operative infections, wrong sided surgeries, and problems in communication that lead to errors and adverse patient incidents.  But through all the healthcare horrors, we also share one cool thing about […]

Endometriosis – Interview with Kimberly Lewis

Endometriosis is a female health condition where cells from the lining of the uterus grow in other parts of the body causing pain, irregular bleeding and even infertility. The condition is getting more recognition finally after decades of being misdiagnosed. We will speak to Kimberly […]

Health Do’s for Your Diet Don’ts

We all go off course every now and then. You try to live right and eat healthy and do what you know you should and then temptation creeps in. Well, we know all too well how that goes: the guilt sets in and you beat […]

Surviving Cancer & The Relay for Life – ACS Event

In today’s world, we are all too familiar with cancer. Many of us have had it, or know someone close who has. In this episode Corine & Patti talk to their good friend and two time cancer survivor, Debbie Meade. She talks about her journey […]