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Angel By My Side: A Tribute Song to Nurses | Colette Washington

Please enjoy this song by San Francisco area singer and songwriter, Colette Washington, Angel By My Side, written to honor nurses.

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“Angel at My Side”
A Heartfelt Tribute Song to Nurses Everywhere By: Colette Washington

I had a dream there was an angel at my side
Her face all aglow, just like candlelight
She took my hand and she held it tight
And she told me everything was going to be alright

I was sick, I was tired, and I was weak
She became my voice, when I could no longer speak
My life was fading like a wilted flower
She took good care of me in my darkest hour

I just want to thank her for fighting for my life
I just want to thank her for standing up for human rights
I just want to thank her for all the tears she’s dried
I just want to thank her for being the angel at my side
She an angel at my side – Angel at my side
I just want to thank her for being the angel at my side
She an angel at my side

As I drifted in and out of sleep
I prayed to the heavens my soul to keep
I didn’t know for sure if I could take it
And I didn’t know how much longer I might take it

So before I perish from this earth
I want you to know how much you’re worth
To all the nurses everywhere
I just want to say thank you for your tender love and care

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About the Artist: Colette Washington
Oakland, California Singer, Songwriter, Activist, Mother, Nature-Loving, Peace-Seeking, Spiritually Expanding, Freedom Fighter, Rocking for Justice!

Born and raised just five hours north of San Francisco in Eureka, California, Colette Washington is now a proud resident of Oakland, California. She’s a graduate of the Seattle Art Institute’s Music and Video Business program, and is currently working as the online communications specialist with the National Nurses United.

Washington is a talented original artist with thought-provoking lyrics and passionate vocals. In addition to managing multimedia outreach for the nurses, she’s written several songs for them and others, including “Angel at My Side,” a heartfelt tribute to nurses everywhere, “Healthcare Justice,” a funky soul song featuring Martin Luther King samples, and most recently, “Stand Up and Fight,” a wake-up-and-rock song about economic justice in America. “I just try to write songs to make the world a better place,” she said.

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