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A Collective Bargaining Win for Chicago Nurses and iTriage A Must Have Tech Tool

Keeping up with the RN’s from National Nurses United—Registered nurses at Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center on Chicago’s South Side reached an agreement with hospital officials on their first ever collective bargaining contract that includes significant improvements in patient care protections. We’ll talk with RN Monica Lloyd from the great city of Chicago about this and more. And did we say Monica is on fire about this good news!?!

Jackson Park RN leaders celebrate tentative agreement.
Jackson Park RN leaders celebrate tentative agreement.

Check out our new strategic partner, iTriageAnd later in the show, if you haven’t found this great app called iTriage, look no further than the Nurse Talk website. iTriage is an amazing resource for everyone. Have a symptom? Go to the iTriage symptom checker. Need information about a disease? You’ll find complete clinical descriptions from A-Z. Is your medical issue an emergency or do you need to find a clinic or hospital near you? Yip, you guessed it; a complete directory of everything in your area including WAIT times. It’s incredible and we use it all the time. You should too. It’s free and it works. We welcome back Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wayne Guerra for a conversation on this revolutionary tool.

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