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Why Is This The Time for an RN Super-Union?

From the new nurses’ super-union, National Nurses United. A PDF of this flyer can be downloaded to pass along to colleagues.Nurses from coast to coast have yearned for a powerful, national movement of direct-care RNs to strengthen our voice at the bedside and in the corridors of Congress and our state capitols, to transform our healthcare system, and to protect our patients, our colleagues, and our profession.Until now, direct-care RNs have been fragmented in separate unions or poorly represented by non-RN unions that fail to prioritize the unique needs of RNs and patients. Countless RNs have been denied the right to form a union.We need a national union of direct-care RNs, lead by direct-care RNs, that can speak with a strong, uni?ed professional voice nationally. We need to use our collective strength to reverse the growing, multi-state attacks by the healthcare industry on RN staffing, professional practice, compensation, health benefits, retirement security, and our ability to be patient advocates and our right to form unions.Now is the time! With the formation of National Nurses United, we have a historic opportunity to create just that kind of powerful voice. RNs from CNA/NNOC, MNA, and the UAN are coming together to create a 150,000 “RN Super-Union,” the largest union and most in?uential collective voice of registered nurses in US history, in a step that has already drawn the attention of our employers, our legislators, and the tens of thousands of unrepresented nurses throughout the country.How will the “RN Super-Union” affect my life as a RN?When faced with chronic unsafe staffing, a lack of a voice in decisions that affect our practice, and lack of respect at the workplace, RNs leave the bedside. With the “RN Super-Union,” gone are the days of RNs feeling alone, overwhelmed, and powerless to change the healthcare system. When we work together we can:• Win national RN staffing ratios and an end to mandatory overtime nationally.• Obtain organized power and influence for our profession, like teachers, police, and fire?ghters have done.• Build a national retirement pension for nurses.• Create one national progressive voice for healthcare reform, protection and advancement of safe nursing practice.• Strengthen contract standards nationally for nurses that already have union contracts.• Reach out to organize the millions of nurses in America who have been waiting for the opportunity to be part of a union.• Take back our profession so that every RN can advocate for patients without fear of retribution.We are changing the face of nursing in America!The “RN Super-Union” Moves ForwardThis historic affiliation agreement has already been approved by elected BODs/Exec. Boards for all three organizations. To make it official, delegate bodies from each of the organizations must also approve the affiliation.• CNA/NNOC’s delegate body voted unanimously for the affiliation in September.• Massachusetts Nurses Association’s convention voted overwhelmingly in October to affiliate.• UAN’s National Labor Assembly representing 80% of UAN members voted unanimously to support the affiliation in November. All that remains is a UAN mail ballot process — a formality given that the majority of UAN delegates have already spoken in support of the affiliation.With any major advance, there will be some detractors who, like healthcare industry employers, are in favor of keeping RN voices divided across individual states, but this historic process, favored and greeted with enthusiasm by the overwhelming majority of all our members, is rapidly proceeding.What’s Next?In December, RNs from around the country will travel to Arizona for National Nurses United’s founding convention. Convention delegates will demonstrate the power of the national “RN Super-Union” by moving forward together to put plans into action to achieve our goals for national staf?ng ratios, guaranteed healthcare for all, and organizing RNs that want a collective voice to advocate for the their patients.RNs that work in similar hospital types or chains will come together in National Summit meetings to harness and coordinate collective power. A National Political Summit will coordinate our political and legislative efforts, including implementing a plan to pass SB 1031, the bill that would create national RN staf?ng ratios, and we are planning another major gathering of nurses in Washington in May for National Nurses Week, building on our great “RN Day of Action” last May.We will forge international ties with nurses in other countries. The president of the Canadian Federation of nurses will speak at our convention in Arizona. We have strong links with nurses in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and many other countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia in particular.Sharing our successes, our experiences, and our collective work, will strengthen our ability to protect patients, improve healthcare, and promote the role of nurses across borders.A New Day for RNsOur national movement is animated by a guiding vision of a new moment for nurses, a once in a lifetime opportunity to dramatically improve the lives of all nurses and patients and transform the face of healthcare. But we also face enormous challenges and threats from a billion dollar healthcare industry determined to undermine our progress and our standards.A moment to build a healthcare system based on compassion and patient need, not on greed. To ensure our hospitals and clinics are centers of healing, not profit centers for speculators and CEOs. To promote our profession and honor the dedication of front line nurses with safe conditions, fair compensation, and the ability to retire in dignity.Every year, national polls document that registered nurses are the most trusted profession in America. That is a sacred trust that reflects the confidence and support we have from our patients and the public. It’s up to all of us, through our unity, our vision, and our collective strength to fulfill the promise.Get Involved — It’s Our FutureTo participate, contact:Deborah Burger, RN, CNA/NNOC Council of Presidents, dburger@calnurses.orgJean Ross, RN, UAN Secretary-Treasurer, jean.ross@mnnurses.orgKaren Higgins, RN, Massachusetts Nurses Association, MNAinfo@mnarn.orgRN Network in Action: Please pass along this flyer to to all of your RN friends and colleagues!

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