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We are Nurses | A Funny Song About Nurses

Posted on YouTube by Debbie Day, she says, “This is a song I wrote for a church talent show. My roommate and I got to perform it at our college’s “guitars unplugged” performance. It was lots of fun! By the way, we really are registered nurses. Please, tell me what ya think!”

Lyrics: You got a scratch and you need help stat! Mmm boy, we got a bandaid that’ll fix it like that! You’ve been complaining of that aching in your tummy, well we’ve got some tums—that even taste yummy.

If you’ve got a sprain, hey look I’ve got some ice and if you need some c-p-r, my lips, they taste so nice,
And if you’ve got a cold despite everything you’ve tried, well give you a shot, right in your back side.
If you’re? feeling down, cause your achin’ in your neck, we’ll stick you with an IV once or twice, what the heck!
We are caring, here have a laxative. We are sharing, bed pans are superlative!

We’ve got lots of drugs we’re happy to provide, their effects will take you on a magic carpet ride. A whole new world!

Just one little poke and you’ll float far far away, here comes a little pinch, oh? wups! I missed the vein, oh well!
We are caring, if you start to choke, we are sharing, we’ll shove a tube down your throat…

So next time that you’re sick and you don’t know what’s wrong, we can probe your membranes with a cold, sharp, metal prong

And you’ll know? that we really truly care, so come and be our patient if you dare.
So come and be our patient if you dare!

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