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Theresa Brown RN New York Times Opinion Column “Bedside” Debuts

Theresa Brown
RN and Author, Theresa Brown

We are excited to share with you the debut of a monthly opinion column for the New York Times. Called “Bedside,” by Theresa Brown, an oncology nurse, former guest on Nurse Talk  and the author of “Critical Care: A New Nurse Faces Death, Life, and Everything in Between.”  The column offers a nurse’s eye view on “ways to make health care better and more humane.”

This week Theresa argues in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

Theresa says, “The Supreme Court decision is looming, and while I try to hope for the best, they may invalidate the law, which in my view would be tragic for the many uninsured or underinsured Americans who need care.”

In the column she writes, “Crowds at conservative rallies have, astoundingly, cheered the idea that uninsured people should, if they become ill or badly hurt, be left for dead. It’s easy to imagine such a thing in the heat of a rhetorical moment. But the reality is, I hope, harder to embrace. Because reality means a real person — you, me, someone we know — condemned to a possibly preventable death because, for whatever reason, they don’t have insurance.”

Read the column, Money or Your Life at:

This column will also appear in print in the Sunday Week in Review section.

Our best to Theresa! Congratulations.

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