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The Responsibility of Mentorship

We’ve had some interesting discussions on Facebook about the generation gap between nurses and how it can get in the way of teamwork as well as questions about the kinds of important things nursing school can’t teach. We love Janet Izzo’s newest article for, “The Responsibility of Mentorship” written to honor National Nurses Week.

Janet talks about how “each and every nurse is a teacher in one way or another” and that the one’s who were willing to share their expertise and experiences with her as a young nurse made a huge impact. She starts by saying,

“During Nurses Week 2011 let us rededicate ourselves as nurses who are passionate about what we do and passionate about the lives entrusted to us. With those lives, those patients we serve, we have experiences to share and stories to tell. That fact alone qualifies us and holds us responsible as educators and mentors to other nurses.”

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Jane Izzo was a guest on Nurse Talk and is the author of Hotel Hennepin, which chronicles her experiences working in a large county hospital in the heart of Minneapolis. The stories Janet relates in Hotel Hennepin are poignant, sad and hysterically funny, but all are amazingly true! Click the audio player below to listen to the show where Janet and her book were featured.

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