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Lynn Ruth Miller, Staying Young, Safe Lift Bill, Fetus Fingernails.

This week on Nurse Talk: Lynn Ruth Miller What’s it like to be a stand up comedian traveling the world? Oh..did we mention…an 80 year old stand up comedian traveling the world? Our resident comedian, Lynn Ruth Miller, is with us to talk about what keeps […]

In My Day…We Used Honey for Everything

In my day, honey was the most used product in my mothers medicine cabinet besides vinegar and the rectal thermometer. If I had muscle cramps, she made me take two teaspoons of honey with my meals and told me to stop complaining. If I had a […]

Stop Everything! Lynn Ruth Miller. Nurse Talk App. The Safe Lift Bill.

Stop everything! (…not really or the nurses will have to get the Defibrillator paddles out. The charge nurse has a few announcements…) The big day is coming! (Well, at least for us.) On Saturday, October 27, at 12 noon/pst, Nurse Talk will be presented via […]

Blackberry Brandy

In My Day: Blackberry Brandy | Lynn Ruth Miller

In my day no matter what ailed me, my father fixed it up with blackberry brandy. If I ate too much for dinner, and I swore I would explode, Daddy would give me a hefty shot of blackberry brandy. If  I suffered from the trots, […]

In My Day…We Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ated the Positive | Lynn Ruth Miller

In my day we didn’t spend a lot of money on medications to cure depression. We didn’t have Zoloft or Paxil. If we complained my mom pushed us outside and told us to get back on the horse. What she meant was, get over it. […]

Angel Fund, Big Pharma, and Lynn Ruth Miller.

Sitting in for Shayne is popular Bay Area health and fitness expert Joanie Greggains. Most of you in the San Francisco Bay Area know Joanie as the popular host of The Joanie Greggains Show on KGO Radio for 25 years, the #1 weekend health and fitness show. She is also known […]

An Angel Fund. Five Foot Powerhouse Prevails. Lynn Ruth Miller Rides Again.

….MORE GOOD ADVICE FROM AUNT MARY This week, Shayne is on assignment in Puerto Viagra, Mexico, where the beaches are full of warm white sand, the margaritas are flowing and just about now he’s putting up a table with a sign that reads “free blood […]