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Bobby McCarthy

Coming Up on Nurse Talk This Week: Dan Raps. Casey Snacks. RN Deborah Burger Rocks. Research Ready. Bobbi’s Blog Cabin.

Blog author Bobbi McCarthy joins us.

How many nurses have been patients a time or two? What do you recall from your experience in the hospital? Well RN and author Bobbi McCarthy is a contributing writer on the Nurse Talk blog and has written a great article called Through the Eyes of a Patient | What Will Your Patients Remember? It’s a great story and reminds us what it is like to be a patient.

And, check it out…as a nurse do you ever shy away from researching new medical information? It’s a time issue and a lot of nurses “run for the hills” from diving in to the medical journals—including our Nurse Talk hosts. Well, maybe those days are over. Dan and Casey visit with entrepreneurial RN, Stephanie Modri. Stephanie has just introduced a new medical research app called Precision RN.

Our friend RN Deborah Burger updates us on all things “Occupy,” progress on the financial transaction tax, the invisible SUPER COMMITTEE AND MORE…