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Best of Nurse Talk: Doctors Prefer Camels. Global Nurse Movement. Psychiatrist and the Proctologist. ACA Myth-ectomy.

We are hard at work retooling our show, our website, and our figures, during our quicky summer vacay. So we are rewinding to a great show we aired last month…worth a double listen!

Image courtesy of Martin Criminale

Doctors Prefer Camels

In 1947, R.J. Reynolds commissioned a survey among more than 100,000 doctors, asking the key question, “What cigarette do YOU smoke, Doctor?” However, BEFORE the survey was sent out, all of those doctors received free samples of Camel cigarettes. Naturally, when the survey was taken, most of those doctors gave the answer Reynolds was expecting. In their radio and magazine advertising, their slogan was, “According to a nationwide survey, more doctors smoked CAMELS, than any other cigarette.”

The Psychiatrist and the Proctologist

Best friends graduated from medical school at the same time and decided that in spite of two different specialties, they would open a practice together to share office space… Find out what happens!