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Crooner? Not-for-Profit, Yeah Right. Trivia is Not Trivial. Clean Money.

Welcome to Nurse Talk where laughter is the best medicine. A salute to our Republican friends and relatives—and we do have them. This week on the show you will hear Mitt Romney. We think he’s singing AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL? Oh dear lord.

Shayne says, “Casey that was AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL and we’re told he learned it from Millie Fawn his music teacher in high-school—lets take a listen.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Millie Fawn:

Millie Fawn

We promise when the Democratic Convention rolls around we’ll give equal time to President Obama’s singing! Just a little fun on this sunny summer day.

We’ve got CNA’s Michael Lighty on the so-called Not-for-Profit hospital rip-off, Trent Lange with a victory for all of us from The California Clean Money Campaign, caller questions, health trivia and a lot more. Read more and listen up…

Singing. Heroes. Money. Occupy.

Oh my…Casey is trying her very best to be still but this “women” bashing thing has got to go. In order to keep Casey civil—Dan recommends they sing a song—that reflects these nasty little current events. Sing they do and the emails start rolling in. Ahhh, some agreement…yes? No! Here are just a few:

“Don’t ever sing again!”
“I had to turn the radio off!”
“I can’t tell Dan from Casey!”
“Stick to your day jobs!”

O.K folks we get the message.

Casey and Dan talk with the distinguished Doug Connor. Doug grew up in a conservative Republican family. He is a nurse, a veteran of the Iraq War, a union member, and a passionate supporter of the Occupy movement. Doug returned from the war in 2006, disillusioned by the unnecessary deaths and organizations profiting on the destruction that surrounded him as a nurse treating victims of war then came face to face with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

You won’t want to miss Doug’s story

AND LATER…Craig Preston from the California Clean Money Campaign. A few weeks ago we talked with California One Care’s Executive Director Andrew McGuire. Cal One Care is committed to single payer health care for all Californians. Craig Preston from California Clean Money Campaign also supports a single payer healthcare system but says we have to get the money out of politics first.

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