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Barbara Taylor Vaughan

Our Hero Barbara. Other Side of the Pond. The Teen Doctor. Nurse Yoga.

For those of you who care to venture to our website blog—I encourage you to read the entries written by Barbara Taylor Vaughan. Barbara is 89 and in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. She started a Facebook page to help chronicle her illness and put a face on Alzheimer’s. Barbara hopes educating others will inspire them to volunteer to help ease the suffering of those with the disease, families, caregivers. Her relationship with her daughter and caregiver, Missy, and her compassion and humor are inspirational. You can subscribe to her on Facebook where she has opened her page to offering advice to your questions about life and living with Alzheimer’s “from a little old lady.”

Check our Barbara’s latest entry Giggling and Watching the River | Alzheimer’s in the First Person

In Barbara’s words: “Well, I want to tell you, it has been a strange strange day. There is nothing so strange as making all your funeral arrangements and talking about your own death…” Read more…


While we were away patching cracks in the arctic glaciers, our producer dusted off a great show to share with you…or shall we say…re-share? An expert on teenagers, a social studies lesson, a little yoga…stuff everyone needs. Read more… You can listen on the air in Boston and San Francisco this weekend or online, right now, right here!