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RN Calls for Boycott on the State of Arizona

RN Greg Mercer of Arlington, MA has called for a boycott on the State of Arizona in response to the Amanda Trujillo case. He is collecting signatures on, here is the what they say: BOYCOTT ARIZONA FOR NURSES AND PATIENTS After multiple invitations to a […]

Find out who the worse governor in the nation is…

Is it Arizona’s Jan Brewer for eliminating state funding for low-income Medicaid patients in need of organ transplants? Or Ohio’s John Kasich, Ex-Lehman Bros. exec., whose anti-union law bars public employees from bargaining for healthcare, staffing levels, sick leave and much more? Well, spin the […]

Arizona, Baby Whisperer and Trande Phillips | Show 235

COMING UP on the show this week…Casey talks about her recent skirmish at an Arizona checkpoint, Dan’s “thing” is now green and Marsha Podd, aka The Baby Whisperer—ROCKS! Also—listen to what RN Trande Phillips has to say about a new study that proves RN+Patient/Ratios save lives. READ MORE…