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RN Marsha Podd, Baby Whisperer and RN Judy Alba on Protecting Patients

Well this week Goldie Hawn starts the show with a run down of the “time zones.” We must admit—her explanation sort of makes sense. Casey and Shayne struggle to figure out what time it is in the Midwest if it is 9am in California and what time it is in New York if it is noon in Omaha. Come on now–face it we all do it! We use our fingers and/or our toes or calculators, if need be, to figure this mystery out. And then throw in the international dateline and we’re really in trouble!

Secrets of a Baby Nurse
Author Marsha Podd, RN on the show this week

This week on Nurse Talk we have one of our favorite guests in the studio—RN Marsha Podd aka the “Baby Whisperer.” We joke with Marsha that her voice and energy are so soothing we all go to sleep when she visits. Marsha is the author of one of Amazon’s best selling books, Secrets of a Baby Nurse, How to have a Happy, Healthy and Sleeping Baby from Birth. We refer to it as the “Baby Bible.” Find out how to wean your infant from the cradle to a bed and at what age that should happen. Also Marsha addresses a question from a listener about postpartum depression. To learn more about Secrets of a Baby Nurse or about Marsha Podd, visit

And DC hospitals are facing a staffing shortage. To counter this trend, RNs have put forth the Patient Protection Act, which “provides a minimum number of nurses on duty by specific unit at all times.” RN and nurse leader Judy Alba will be with us to talk about this and why RN-to-patient ratios are so critical to patient outcomes. For more information about this and other National Nurses United topics visit

And this weeks Nurse Talk Top Ten is: The Top 10 Funniest Explanations Your Patients Have Given You. Check this out! Oh! These are real comments that nurses sent in to Scrubs Magazine, the sponsors of our weekly top ten. A nurse writes:

I had a patient refuse to use her O2 for fear of “getting addicted.” I told her, “Hon, that happened the second you were born; hold your breath and see how long you can go without it. Now put it on please?” She did!

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