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Rewind…RN Sherri Stoddard on the Keystone XL Pipeline

We are joined by California RN Sherri Stoddard, a veteran nurse with 31 years of labor and delivery on her resume. Sherri is passionate about her career and no less passionate about the health of her community and the country. She talks with us about the health and safety effects of the proposed Keystone Pipeline, and why nurses and healthcare professionals are opposed to it. Whether you are for or against the pipeline, the truth is there are short and long term health and environmental effects that all of us should be aware of. Sherri Stoddard also sits on the Board of Directors of the California Nurses Association.

Nurses oppose Keystone
Nurses at Stop Keystone rally in San Francisco Feb. 17, also call for a tax on Wall Street speculation with portions of the revenue to go for fighting climate change

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