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Pregnancy vs. Vasectomy

We are a couple of nurses. We cannot prescribe, diagnose or treat, especially over the airwaves but advice and opinions, we’ve got plenty of those. From time to time we share emails from the Nurse Talk Inbox. Do you have any advice for our listeners? Or, perhaps, some questions of your own?Hi Casey and Maggie,A “friend” of mine has 2 beautiful children. She wants to keep it that way. Now, her husband has finally agreed to get a vasectomy, but he’s being fairly dramatic about the sacrifice he’ll be making. And, he’s famous for requesting “chore amnesty” at the slightest sniffle, although she was back on her feet grocery shopping within days of giving birth. I’m just wondering since nurses probably regularly have to quantify suffering from whining, if you could give your opinion about which experience–pregnancy and childbirth, or the vasectomy–is more invasive and painful. You can just call me…–Sassy in Sonoma.

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