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Patty Eakin Segment | Show 233

Guest: Patty Eakin

Nurse Talk hosts Casey Hobbs and Dan Grady talk with RN Patty Eakin from Temple University Medical Center about the current strike. This is a very important conversation that affects everybody in this country. It is not just about nurses and patients — it is about large corporations systematically dismantling labor unions and stripping away the voices of workers and communities. LAST WEDNESDAY nurses, healthcare professionals and technical employees at Temple University Hospital represented by the Pennsylvania of Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals ( began a strike. The picket line eventually grew to over 1200 for a noon-time rally. “If you want your constitutional rights, you need to go somewhere else,” Robert Birnbrauer, Human Resources, Temple University Hospital, DECLARED. At the height of the rally, all 1,200 put their hands across their mouths to protest the hospital’s proposed hospital gag order. HERE WITH US IS RN PATTY EAKIN, President of the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals.

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