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Pattie Eakin on Fracking: Public Health Enemy and Irwin Keller from the Kinsey Sicks

A great show this week. Shayne shares his softer side when he tells Casey he has already been thinking about a holiday gift for her.

Shayne to Casey:

“O.K Casey — its sort of a personal thing so I hope you won’t be mad — but I researched some exercise options for you and want to gift you a membership to whichever one of these resonates with you.”

Casey responds, “O.K. if you must — it’s better than having to do the research myself — what ya got?”

Will Casey choose a new exercise regime such as weighted hulahooping?
Says Lisa M. Wolfe of Demand Media about this hot new fitness option, “If you have an addictive personality, use caution when beginning a weighted hula hoop workout. Hooping may take priority above your other daily activities…”


Shayne: “O.K.:

  • Weighted Hula Hooping. Bally’s fitness is now offering classes.
  • Strippercise. Toned celebrities like Kate Hudson and Carmen Electra started shilling this female-only fad five years ago, boasting both body and boudoir benefits from sensual “aerobic striptease” classes. This is a cousin to Pole Dancing.
  • The Bodyblade. Take the long, sword-like plastic bar, hoist it overhead and shake vigorously for a trunk-targeted workout that supposedly causes up to 270 muscle contractions per minute, giving you washboard abs and ropey shoulders that are rounded, not chiseled.
  • Or Cirque du Soleil-Inspired “Aerial Aerobics.” The breathtaking stunts of the world’s best-known circus acrobatics troupe first inspired workouts at trendy gyms like Crunch and Equinox and have now spawned “aerial fitness studios” where you tone up by defying gravity.”

Which ones does Casey choose and why? Tune In.

Next, a practice that is under reported but carries with it deadly consequences. It’s called FRACKING. Communities across the country are being poisoned by toxic chemicals used in natural gas drilling and the energy companies want to keep this top secret. This is becoming a huge public health risk.

Those fighting the spread of fracking, nurses, doctors, nearby residents, and other environmental activists, are finding themselves at a severe disadvantage because they lack one critical thing: information. What every RN needs to know about fracking, and how they must fight back against the industry. We’ll talk with Pennsylvania RN Patti Eakin later in the show.

And roll out the barrel because we’re going to have some fun with Irwin Keller, a.k.a. Winnie from America’s favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet, the Kinsey Sicks. Of course the Kinseys will be on stage here in San Francisco with their holiday show Oy Vey In A Manger, when Jewish-Gentile tensions surface, and mayhem ensues–all in glorious four-part harmony. Don’t miss the Chanukah spa classic “I Had a Little Facial” and, of course, the requisite and new Christmas cuisine standard, “Soylent Night.” Video viewing warning for the faint of humor: “A ribald, ridiculous, raunchy, decidedly R-rated romp through the best and worst of Christmas.”

All this and the usual — email questions and health trivia. A listener emails a question about eating over the holidays. He wants to, he will, he has and he wants to know how to avoid tummy aches and acid reflex. Hmmmm. Listen to some good tips and if you too suffer from this uncomfortable disorder we recommend you check out Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure by Dr. Jamie Koufman.

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