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One Nurse At A Time

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One Nurse At A Time is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization created by nurses who are passionate about giving back to our local and global community through volunteer and humanitarian medical pursuits. We are dedicated to assisting other nurses enhance our profession as they too, look for opportunities to serve locally, nationally and internationally.

Are you interested in volunteering your nursing skills to those in need, but unsure of how to get started? One Nurse At A Time is here to help make the process easier.

Here’s how:

• A DIRECTORY of organizations offering volunteer opportunities for nurses.

• $1000 SCHOLARSHIPS to nurses to help offset the cost of trips.  (There are 0 (zero) scholarships available at this time.  But you could change that with your donation!)

•  COMMUNITY networking opportunities through our Facebook page, Twitter and Blog sites. We also highlight speaking engagements, public events, and publication of articles directed towards volunteer and humanitarian nursing experiences.

•  EDUCATION modules intended to help nurses understand disease processes that are uncommon in our work practices at home.

Liza Leukhardt

Liza Leukhardt, RN travelled with the organization Nurses for the Nations to India May 14-24. Liza was part of a group of nurses providing charitable medical care in Andra Pradesh, India.

In Liza’s own words: “This mission is a dream trip for me. Since I was a teenager, and probably before, I’ve fantasized about doing humanitarian work as a medical person. In my teens, when other kids were listening to rock and roll, I was listening to African folk music, and driving my mother crazy.

I’ve been a nurse now for twenty years, and I feel that 2012 is going to be a year of huge transitions and accomplishments for me. I’ll be starting graduate school in the spring, with the goal of teaching nursing in the near future. I’ve been a hospice nurse for most of my career, so I know a lot about dreams, fantasies, and bucket lists. I expect this mission will be life changing for me.

I’ve been blessed with a comfortable life and feel a need to not only broaden my perspective, but show my gratitude. I’m delighted and thrilled to have been accepted by Nurses for the Nations for this mission to the dalit, or untouchables, in India. I expect to work very hard in a tough, dirty, hot environment with people who are ill with diseases I’ve only read about. I expect this won’t be my last mission. I’m thinking about retiring into the Peace Corps. Until then I’d like to use my skills to provide compassionate care to as many people as possible.”

Our hats off to One Nurse At A Time.

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