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A few years ago I came across a wonderful non-profit organization called Nurses House.  Nurse’s work very hard and make fair wages, but what happens when a nurse is injured or becomes sick?  We often don’t have the ability to replace our income, or have a huge savings account to cover our living expenses if we’re off work for an extended period of time. Whether you’ve had a serious illness or injury, you know that things happen in an instant, and one day you may be the nurse in need.  Nurses House has been a life saver for countless nurses and deserves the recognition and support from all of us.

Nurses House, Babylon, Long Island, New York
The original Nurses House in Babylon, Long Island offered a place where registered nurses could rest and recuperate. In 1959 the beachfront home was sold. A fund called Nurses House was created to assist nurses in need.

Nurses everywhere are indebted to Emily Bourne.  In 1922, through a charitable bequest, she created a respite place for registered nurses that became known as Nurses House.  The beachfront home, a stately mansion in Babylon, Long Island, could hold up to sixty residents at any given time.  It was often filled to capacity during busy summer months as accommodations were peaceful, restful and provided privacy to nurses that came to stay.  As times and needs changed, the property was eventually sold, but the funds were used to establish a national fund for nurses in need.

Today, Nurses House, Inc. operates as the only national charitable organization assisting nurses in need.  It is run by a nurse staff and volunteer board of directors.  The organization’s sole mission is to provide short-term assistance to any registered nurse in the United States in need, as a result of illness, injury, disability, or other dire circumstance.  An all volunteer Service Program Council, made up of nine registered nurses, carefully evaluates the needs of Nurses House applicants and disperses funds to assist with everyday living expenses such as food, medicine, health care, rent, mortgage or utility bills to those in need.

One Nurse’s Story — Age 55
Guest was assaulted by a patient at work. With severe injuries to her back, it was determined she is permanently disabled. Later that year, guest’s husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. With medical bills piling up, and her bank account diminishing, she applied for help with mortgage payments so that she could keep up with her other bills. Read more stories >

Over the past decade Nurses House has offered over one million dollars in financial aid, but the need has never been greater.  Nurses House depends greatly on contributions from nurses and the nursing community to fulfill its mission.

To make a contribution, to request assistance from Nurses House, or to learn more, visit or call (518) 456-7858.

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