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Nurse Short: A Move in the Right Direction for the Veterans Administration and Break Down Those Barriers to Exercise

Recently V.A. System RNs won a NATIONAL CONTRACT that they say will ensure vets the level of QUALITY CARE they deserve. At issue for a long time has been the lack of sufficient staffing among other safety concerns. V.A. RN Irma Westmoreland is with us to talk about this landmark contract.

For those of you who live in the Bay Area—you probably already know and love Joanie Greggains, one of America’s favorite health and exercise personalities. Her TV exercise show, Morning Stretch, aired for 18 years, and her popular #1 talk radio show, The Joanie Greggains Show, was heard for 25 years on KGO Radio 810 AM in San Francisco, CA. Both have made her a familiar, popular, and respected authority in the health and fitness field. Joanie begins to drill through ten “Barriers to Exercise.” Turns out Casey has every one of them. Check out Joanie’s website at

You can listen to the whole show too! This show was originally broadcast October 20, 2012.

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