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Gomer Pyle and Why You Should Care About The Budget | Show 406

Guest: RN  Deborah Burger

Oh my…seems like we just can’t get rid of Gomer Pyle! For some reason Dan continues to channel Gomer and he actually thinks he has been chosen to deliver an important message to the masses. What could Gomer have possibly known that would be so important to the rest of us? Stay tuned.

Casey and Dan have a great discussion with our friend RN Deborah Burger. Deborah is one of three co-presidents for National Nurses United and shares details of an open letter she wrote for CommonDreams.Org. The letter: Want to cut the federal deficit? Restore fair taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy? Why does this affect nurses you say? Find out as Deborah puts forth the details of what is being cut from the budget and why—and why no one is talking about raising revenue–NOT just cutting spending. Yes this does affect nurses and all of the rest of us. To read Deborah’s letter go to

And you’ve heard us say on the show that according to the latest Gallup poll–nurses are (top of the list of) the most trusted professionals. 85% of those polled thought nurses were honest and displayed integrity. OF course our own nurses Casey and Dan are very proud of their profession BUT thought it might be useful to conduct their own Nurse Talk poll. A little less scientific, perhaps—but nonetheless—oh so much fun. Listen as they swing into action with the Nurse Talk “Nurse” poll.

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