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Going to Be Old Someday? Invest in Behind the Old Face; The Current Climate and Future of Aging

Do you know of an elderly person who was treated poorly, disrespected, ignored, neglected or abused, either emotionally, financially or physically? Have you ever visited a nursing home and felt sorry for the patients and hope you never have to leave your home? Do you think we can do a better job in the way we treat and care for the elderly? Would you like a better living solution for yourself when you are elderly and need care? Do you fear your retirement years because you don’t have sufficient income saved for care if you need it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, please act by pledging, supporting, and sharing this project.

Behind the Old Face; The Current Climate and Future of Aging is a book that is part of a larger nonprofit advocacy project to improve the treatment, living and care of seniors and provide education, real resources and assistance to seniors and family caregivers that are not being provided by other associations and foundations.

This project is a result of spending the last 34 years as a care provider and advocate who has seen the worst in care, the best and everything in between. As a Registered Nurse, Geriatric Care Manager, Educator, Author, Consultant and woman with a deep passion and commitment to improving the care of our elderly I can lead the necessary change but cannot do it alone. I need your help, I need more advocates and supporters to join me.

After working my entire adult life in every area of senior care and with thousands of seniors, families and healthcare providers we are missing the mark. Through an experience I had in a nursing home when I was a nurses aide at 17 years old and the years following I have a perspective that is different from mainstream healthcare education that is presented in this book and will be followed with a training program for family caregivers, healthcare workers in geriatric facilities and home care agencies, healthcare professionals and for students majoring in healthcare professions. The details of my experience in that nursing home are detailed in the book, along with another experience when this book came to me in 2004.

Preview the project in the mini-media book here for free.

We are headed for an unprecedented crisis as Baby Boomers are entering their senior years. There is a lot of talk and very little action to prevent what our future currently holds. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are on the brink of collapse and there will not be facilities and care providers to house and assist the 75 million Baby Boomers in their retirement years. This advocacy project includes a solution for senior living and care that will solve many of the current problems, allow seniors to remain at home, and reduce costs.

To get a glimpse of this book and greater vision I invite you to read and view The Aging Question; A Vision for the Coming Elder Boom“,  a free M2E Book (mini media ebook) which includes text, photos and video clips of a couple of the wonderful seniors I interviewed for “Behind the Old Face.” A brief summary of the vision for senior living is presented in the M2E Book and is in detail in Behind the Old Face; The Current Climate and Future of Aging.

Learn more about the project, share with friends and colleagues, and become a backer at Kickstarter.

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