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Your RN hosts Casey Hobbs & Shayne Mason
Your RN hosts Casey Hobbs & Shayne Mason

Casey and Shayne have fun with some—well—rather messy nurses notes. O.K., it happens once in a while. Check this out:


  • patient has chest pains if she lies on her left side for over a year
  • by the time she was admitted to the hospital, her rapid heart had stopped and she was feeling much better


  • patient was alert and unresponsive
  • healthy appearing, decrepit 69-year-old female, mentally alert, but forgetful
  • she is numb from her toes down

You can’t do everything right!

Anna Deavere Smith

This week we visit with RN Deborah Burger about the recent performance of Tell Us Where It Hurts, by Anna Deavere Smith, also known as Gloria Akalitus on television’s Nurse Jackie. We share some touching stories recreated by Smith in the play from the caretakers—career RNs—who have also been hit by the failing economy and healthcare costs. Their stories are told with honesty and courage. Share the humanity of what is happening all across the country.

And we share touching stories from our Nurse Talk Blog and salute the great writers and contributors that are featured each week. Two of those writers are Melissa Vaughan and her mother, Barbara Taylor Vaughan. For months now they have been chronicling Barbara’s progression of Alzheimer’s in a tender, honest, humorous account of their daily lives. Melissa writes this week,  “My mother has been writing me little notes, simple little notes, because she cannot write very well anymore. She hides them everywhere, hoping I will find them. I think she began doing it, hoping that years from now I will find the notes tucked away in her things and remember her and smile. Today, I found a little note written in pencil tucked in the drawer in the bathroom. It said, “Remember when we went to McDonald’s together, I will never forget…” (Read more)…

Barbara Taylor Vaughan and Melissa Vaughan
Barbara Taylor Vaughan and Melissa Vaughan

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And we hear from an old friend, Lucille Jones—a rather crazy one at that (no offense Lucille).  Lucille’s stories have been memorialized in our Nurse Talk Comedy PharmCheck them out!

We’ve got questions about the insulin pump, cauliflower ear, and more…AND what’s so bad about working in Minot, North Dakota? A nurse sends a message to a friend and it’s not good news.

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