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California Single Payer Bill Advances in State Senate

California’s senate appropriations committee voted 6-2 to pass Senate Bill 810,   introduced by San Francisco Senator Mark Leno.

Senator Mark Leno leads a rally with the California Health Professionals Student Alliance on the steps of the State Capitol for SB 810, the California Universal Health Care Act in 2011

At the request of millions of single-payer health care advocates, Leno authored SB 810, also known as The California Universal Health Care Act, “because it is the only health care reform that can truly contain health care costs and provide every Californian with comprehensive, quality, affordable health care,” according to his office. He says, “this “Medicare for All” type of program works by pooling together the money that government, employers and individuals already spend on health care and putting it to better use by cutting out the for-profit middle man.”

“California is being overrun by out-of-control healthcare costs, which have a significant impact on families, businesses and the state budget,” Leno said. “By guaranteeing universal access for all Californians, our single-payer plan will reduce the healthcare burdens that are hurting families and our state’s economy.” – Sen. Mark Leno

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