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Author: JoAnn Spears RN, MPA

RadaRN: Nurse Magnetism

Around three hundred million people live in the United States. About three million of them are nurses. I make that one in a hundred. This demographic worried me a bit when I first retired. Nurses just don’t share a shift or a workplace. They share […]

Lending A Hand | A Nurse’s Occupational Hazard

Before I was a nurse, I had occasion to be a young patient. I had a brief but painful procedure to undergo. My nurse was named Anne. She told me that if it hurt, I should just go ahead and scream. It was nighttime, and […]

Message in a Bottle | RN JoAnn Spears Enters the World of Texting

I recently bit the bullet and started text messaging. It’s not like face time and it ain’t Hallmark, but it has its advantages. It was an added bonus to discover that a career’s worth of nurses’ notes was the ultimate preparation for a would-be texter. […]

Imagine That — Nurses: Country Music’s Egregious Omission

Living in Tennessee as I do, I hear a lot of country music.  It occurred to me recently that no one has ever written a hit country song about nurses.  I trolled the internet to confirm my suspicion, and it seems to be true.  I […]

In My Room | A Nurse Decorates

I had two pieces of furniture delivered yesterday:  a really nice lingerie chest and a basic nightstand.  They joined two pretty little tile stands that I bought for bedside use a few weeks ago. I did not buy the basic nightstand to use at the […]

Losing Keys: A Kubler-Ross Five-Stage Experience

I lost my keys the other day. Most boomers would chalk it up to a senior moment and move on. Most boomers are not nurses. Nurses can be weird about keys. It was the beginning of a compressed, forty-eight hour, Kubler-Ross, Five-stage experience. Denial The […]

Leader of the Back…er, Pack | Inspiration for your Aching Back

You could say that Ol’ Arthur beats my butt, or that I have a hitch in my git-along. In short, my back hurts. Since the lifetime prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries among nurses is as high as 80%, I am guessing you are sympathetic, but not […]

Top Ten Things Retired Nurses Can’t Let Go Of

I am selling my home. I just know that the anonymous buyers who will soon be parading through my bedroom will think that a peep at my clothes closet is fair game. Being a congenitally poor closet organizer, I decided that the best thing to […]

The House that Built Me

Ever showed up for work, wondering…who’s got the house? Nurse managers don’t wonder, of course, they just pray…Oh God, don’t tell me I have the house tonight.The one-house nurses found their career home right after school, and stayed there. Other nurses, like me, were peripatetic, […]