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Agitating for the Good

Dear Maggie and Casey,…I do love your show. Lots of good information and highlighting of practical health concerns and solutions along with the humor–the effect is to show that nurses are the go-to people in our health care system, that this is where we can get the answers–as well as the true care.Since nurses aren’t governed by a hyper-stingy bean-counting insurance system, since they are simply paid directly by an employer, they have a whole lot more freedom to actually help patients. And to be integrative–that is, practical (tried and true wisdom is the best thing)–in their approach.I hear, though, that the paperwork and the pervasive bureaucratic authoritarianism of the health care “system”  now take up more time than actual patient care. So nurses, like doctors, are handcuffed by the same accountability to insurance companies in the end.So your show is a breath of fresh air for the profession, not only for its status, but as proof of its incredible value for medicine–and for the freedom with which you deal with issues of health…Thanks for doing a great job. Nurses rule; nurses rock.Now if we could just get that MediCare for all, what Congress has, a single-payer insurance system, nurses might be able to do again what they do best– educate and care. Meanwhile, do keep agitating for the good.–Penelope P.

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