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A Tribute to RNs on the Front Lines

A tribute to our nurses from National Nurses United and all nurses around the world. As we always report, nurses are at the top of the list every year for being the most admired and respected profession. Nurses take an oath to advocate for their patients and they take it very seriously — sometimes a great peril to themselves. This week we take a look back at 2012 when the nurses fought for everything from RN-to-patient ratios to ensure safer staffing for patients, to Medicare for All, the Robin Hood Tax and the fight to save Social Security as we know it.

Donna Smith
Donna Smith

At the front of the fight on many of these issues was Donna Smith, NNU’s legislative and healthcare for all advocate. While Donna was literally marching on the streets for others she herself was once again diagnosed with cancer. After a bout with cancer in the mid 90’s that left Donna and her husband Larry broke — the cancer returned. Now it was her turn to fight once again for herself.

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