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Children, May I Have Your Attention

Children, May I Have Your Attention

Sylvia’s children are making decisions without consulting her, and she’s asked Mary Maxwell to help. Mary’s very matter-of-fact speech to the children serves as an excellent (and humorous) example of how to put your foot down.

How to Stop Tailgaters

How to Stop Tailgaters

Mary Maxwell is known for her honest and humorous take on aging. Now, she is answering questions sent in by seniors with the same deadpan sense of humor.

Footloose: Nursing School Style

This is what happens when finals come sneaking around the corner, when you know the semester is almost over, when you can’t quite take it anymore, and when all of Baylor Louis Herrington School of Nursing cuts footloose!

We are Nurses | A Funny Song About Nurses

Posted on YouTube by Debbie Day, she says, “This is a song I wrote for a church talent show. My roommate and I got to perform it at our college’s “guitars unplugged” performance. It was lots of fun! By the way, we really are registered nurses. Please, tell me what ya think!” Lyrics: You got…

Must See Video | Nursing Queen

Seattle Children’s Hospital ICU nurses win a video competition singing their version of Dancing Queen. Written and Produced by Diane Gates, RN, CCRN. Directed and Edited by Jon Ward.